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Day 2: 52 miles

We had a rough day today! Lots of hills and upward battles were faced. All of us have been in awe of the beautiful nature of Washington while we ride our bikes down the coast. We have already had the opportunity to talk to so many people about our cause and mission!


It’s been humbling to know that we are on our bikes on the hard days, always pushing through for the girls at The Refuge Ranch. The fact that this is the first year there are girls living at The Refuge while we are riding gives us all goosebumps.


After the long day of riding and hills yesterday we were greeted at Elma RV park with cookies!!!! Rea the owner of the park alongside her husband Jeremy gave us loads of hugs too. The best part was that their family friends from the UK paid for our stay!! We were mind blown with the generosity and kindness of Rea and her husband! We loved the warm grass, hot showers, and laundry availability!!


Today was also Haley’s 22nd birthday so we celebrated at a Mexican restaurant called El Ranchon. Enchiladas, taco salads, and loads of rice and beans filled our hungry bellies!! We ended the night and day singing Haley a loud happy birthday with an ice cream sundae and sombrero hat on her head. Despite the long day we ended it with lots of laughter, love, and graciousness!!


On to tomorrow, so Day 3 here we come!!

-Kalindi Cordero

May 24, 2024
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