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Pedal the Pacific

2019 Team

Chloe Stringer

I ride so that every child may experience true freedom.

Christina Van Essen

I ride because no human deserves their freedom ripped away from them. I am empowered to use the voice I have been given to advocate on their behalf.

Grace Hodo

I ride for the next generation of mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends.

Hadley Hanson

I ride to bring light to this injustice and help provide a life of freedom for all the girls to come!

Haley Felix

I ride because I want to see light shed on an issue that is hidden in the dark. Knowledge and education alone are capable of impacting the trajectory of this problem.

Kalindi Cordero

Fun loving, outgoing, charismatic, manatee obsessed, word writing girl who loves loads of pasta and people!

Keaton Calhoun

I choose to ride because trafficking is an issue that cannot be ignored and we all have the call to take action against exploitation.

MC Mote

I ride for hope, for justice, and for healing.

Robyn Whitaker

I ride because I am confident that every discomfort and every climb is more than worth it when it comes to providing freedom and healing for survivors of injustice and reminding these individuals of their irrevocable worth.

Sarah Evans

I ride because no one is free until we are all free.

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November 28, 2023