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Pedal the Pacific

2022 Team

Addison Simons

I ride because I can. I am not a lawyer and by no means am an expert in the subject, but I am capable of educating myself, riding a bike, and starting conversations.

Ashley Mullen

I hope to find my own voice, so I can help start conversations that not only draw attention to the grim reality of human trafficking but also include solutions.

Bella Harris

I ride with the purpose of cultivating awareness within my community so that we may come to together to value, cherish, and protect those who have been trafficked.

Bunsri Trivedi

I ride to show survivors that they are worthy and to show that even the littlest amount of change adds up.

Carsen Daniel

I ride because I am passionate about freedom and liberation. Pedal the Pacific offers a great outlet for real, tangible advocacy.

Claire Christian

I ride because I spent 16 years of my life unaware of the horrible realities of sex trafficking.

Emma Murphy

The first few steps to create change are education and awareness and I hope to bring both to my communities with Pedal the Pacific.

Liz White

I ride to uphold the dignity of survivors and work for the restoration of their lives. It is the greatest of privileges to use my body as a tool to bring healing to others.

Rachel Johnson

With humility and anticipation, I am ready to put learning into action, pedal by pedal and conversation by conversation.

Sophia Harnew-Spradley

I ride to protect vulnerable populations and to raise awareness of what sex trafficking looks like. Because every person deserves to feel valued, respected, and freedom of choice.

Sydnee Mwakutuya

Every human is worthy of life and freedom. I ride to fight for survivors of trafficking and those who are not free yet.

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