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Pedal the Pacific

2024 Team

Alexis Couret

I ride for all whose inherent sanctity as a human has been stolen. For everyone made in the image of our Creator, that has been desecrated into an object for sale.

Chloe Aguilar

I ride to bring awareness and action to the injustice that is occurring worldwide, domestically, and in our own communities.

Clare Harkins

I ride because I have the freedom that so many women and other victims of trafficking are stripped of. I want to use that freedom--my body and my voice--to join the fight for healing and justice. 

Gracie Hornung

I want to learn how to better advocate and be a part of a group of women taking small steps toward a world where no one’s dignity is for sale.

Hanna Teerman

I ride because I don’t want to be a passive spectator to sex-trafficking when I have the ability and resources to be an agent of change against it.

Lavender Ocean

I ride because I believe in the power of intention in getting the word out about exploitation. Doing something this out of the box will start conversations, thus, bringing awareness to a subject that most shy away from. 

Livia Sumner

I ride to turn questions of a bike ride to conversations about awareness for all who are withheld from their basic humans rights. Every woman, man, and child deserves the choice of freedom. 

Morgan McGehee

I ride to do what I can with what I have. I ride to shed light on the injustices of human trafficking and to seek justice for those impacted by it.

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November 28, 2023