Pedal the Pacific

Community Grants

Mobilizing communities to make change

Local Change

Grants for sex trafficking prevention, intervention, advocacy, restoration, and survivor services programs.

Each summer as our teams bike down the West coast, we connect with communities through partnerships with local organizations and experts raising awareness about sex trafficking. In order to support these communities even further, organizations along our route have the opportunity to receive a $5,000 grant towards their anti-trafficking programming.

Community Grants

Pedal the Pacific will award $5,000 grants to three organizations that fight sex trafficking along the Pacific Coast each summer.

Mobilizing Communities

Each year, our teams facilitate and attend events down the Pacific Coast to share their “why” and spread awareness about sex trafficking. Now, we will invest there too.

Our Platform, Your Community

Our partnerships with trusted nonprofits help create a local awareness about what sex trafficking looks like in your city.