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Pedal the Pacific

2018 Team

Audrey Hunter

I ride to create change, to humble myself and to inspire others to make a difference.

Emma Orlando

I am an Austin raised girl living in Fayetteville, AR trying to become an elementary teacher. I love pizza, popcorn, cheesecake, movies, and podcasts.

Gabi Siewczynski

You can either find me blasting Bruno Mars music, planning the next time I can wear my disco suit, or trying to become friends with the last person I just met.

Harli Bruno

I would describe myself as a passionate Cinco de Mayo celebrator who has a strong love for reality TV and fighting to end sex trafficking.

Isabel Mayne

I’m just a gal who has a deep love for coffee, the Great British Baking Show, and the stars

Kelly Coles

I ride because I want to see life and joy restored to every girl.

Lexie France

I'm a junior kinesiology major at the University of Arkansas. I'm passionate about animals, equality for all, and being kind every chance you get!

Lizzie Sammons

I ride because there are too many people who will never be able to be heard, protected, or valued. I ride because I have been lucky in my life with the resources I have been given, and I desire to do my part to use those resources to raise up people who weren’t so lucky.

Madilyn Warner

I ride because I no longer believe in the lie that I am too small to make a difference.

Mattie Meese

I ride because I love these survivors that I’ve never met. I want them to have the opportunity to flourish in freedom. Simply put, I just really believe the girls are worth it.

Savannah Nauwelaers

I ride for justice, love, freedom, and to inspire other women to take action and know that their voice is powerful!

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