Why a Bike?

Pedal the Pacific isn’t just a summer cycling trip. It's a movement that allows everyone to show up in the fight against sex trafficking.

Though the bike ride may be our main attraction, it's not our purpose.

Our bikes simply serve as a platform to start conversations about the why.

People ask:

“How does a bike make a difference?”

Or, they say:

“What does a bike have to do with fighting sex trafficking?”

Or, they wonder:

“What’s the point of cycling 1,700 miles?”

The more people ask why, the more opportunities we have to shed a light on the fastest growing crime in the world.
Why a bike?
Sex trafficking isn’t a

casual dinner party conversation.

The reality that men, women, and children are being exploited and sold for sex in our country is emotional, overwhelming, and complex - making it feel difficult to start conversations and raise awareness.
Building leaders
Training for and cycling 1,700 miles

breaks the intimidation barrier.

What starts as a conversation with a stranger about a bike ride ends with a real, authentic conversation about the realities of sex trafficking. Through the riders 8 months in our program, they grow into responsible advocates and thoughtful leaders who believe in the power of their voice to make a change.
Beyond the bike ride
It's not just a cycling trip –

it's a launching pad.

Many riders leave their time with us and launch into a path of social justice well beyond this summer bike ride. Because action starts with knowledge, we also host our Resource Library as a tool open to the public to further their education about the injustice of sex trafficking.

Bridging the Gap

We bridge the gap between awareness and action by empowering people to fight for justice. Even just the fact that you’re here is a win in our book. Stick around, learn more about sex trafficking, and discover that

no voice is too small to make a difference.

Visit our Resource Library