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Pedal the Pacific

2021 Team

Anna Rhodes

I ride to grow in my understanding and start conversations about how ALL people are worthy and valuable enough to be fought for and FREED!

Cameron Ciambotti

I hope to help spread awareness about sex trafficking while giving survivors the resources they need to begin the healing process.

Cara Smyrl

I ride to show my community that the anti-trafficking movement is worth fighting for because no one should have to live in a world where their body is unwillingly exploited for sex day after day.

Carmella Quintos

Whether it’s through fundraising or biking, I want to see women empower women to create real change!

Edie Terrell

I ride to make a difference! The girls I am riding for are worth everything and every mile!

Ellie Rudy

I’m riding with Pedal to the Pacific because everyone deserves to feel like they can take ownership of their bodies. Nobody should have the right to take that feeling away.

Emma Pitcock

I ride because those who are, will be, or have been trafficked deserve to be fought for, advocated for, and invested in by those of us with the freedom to do so.

Hannah Odell

Biking the coast is a way to speak in solidarity with survivors, educate myself and others about the realities of human trafficking, and to use my body as a tool of advocacy.

Kasturi Bandyopadhyay

I’m hopping on the bike to provoke the hard-hitting questions and extremely necessary conversations that will help educate others and myself.

Laney Cox

I ride because every single person should feel like a person, and not like an object.

Meghan Savona

I’m riding for the women and children who have been trafficked in the past, and to help create a better future for everyone.

Rebekah Komer

I ride because this is a larger issue than many of us are willing to admit and we all, myself included, have so much to learn.

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