Our Staff

Savannah Lovelace

Founder & Executive Director

Madilyn Warner

Head Leadership Team Officer

2023 Leadership Team

Cara Smyrl

Engagement Officer


Carmella Quintos

Sponsorships Officer


Emma Pitcock

Training & Gear Officer


Haley Felix

Route Officer


Hannah Odell

Fundraising Officer


Kalindi Cordero

Community Officer


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Our Board

Dave Panos

Entrepreneur, Board Director, Advisor

Nancy Rodill

System Director, Philanthropy and Administrative Services, CHRISTUS Health

Grace Pfeffer

Co-Founder, Pedal the Pacific

Our Story

Grace, Sara, and Savannah pedaled the Pacific in 2017 with a desire to raise awareness about domestic child sex trafficking within their communities.  Sex trafficking is an intimidating topic, one of depth and complexity, so they wanted to create a space to talk about the issue with their friends and family in a welcoming way. They decided to do something so outside of their comfort zone that people couldn’t help but ask “why?” They taglined themselves as “hilariously un-athletic girls” and announced their plans to cycle 1,700 miles down the Pacific Coast. This immediately captured people’s attention and prompted them to dig deeper into their reason for riding.

Grace Pfeffer

I realized if I waited until I felt qualified, I'd still be waiting.

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Savannah Lovelace

I ride to demonstrate that no voice is too small to make a difference.

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Sara Belmer

While our journey is over, the fight against sex trafficking is far from it.

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