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Why I ride: Lizzie Sammons

Hi it’s me from Stillwater!! My name is Lizzie Sammons, I go to OSU and want to be a nutritional counselor when I grow up. Last summer I lived in San Diego and followed the Pedal the Pacific blog on their journey to end human trafficking and I was amazed and inspired by their bravery to act on their desire to help.

For years I had had my mind set on studying abroad somewhere and making traveling a priority. I had a school picked out in France, applications accepted, classes chosen and heart set on a semester in Paris. So, I made all of these plans revolving around myself and my God said NOPE, not in this way. I am called to be selfless instead of doing things for ME. When I saw that PTP 2018 was happening, my heart was pulled gently towards joining. Naturally I said HAH, NO. THAT’S ABSURD, I can’t bike (Let alone 1,700 miles!!) After continuous tugs and nudges and signs pointing towards this trip, I knew I could not deny it any longer. This is what I need to be doing. I had my interview and next thing I knew I was sold; 100% in.

As previously stated, I am looking into becoming a nutritional counselor. Specifically, I want to help those with weight loss issues and eating disorders to heal and recover. I became interested in this branch of Psychology after realizing how fired up I would get when discussing expectations for female bodies and the culture we have created when it comes to who we are as women. I realize more and more every day how my internal pull to this field connects to the disease that sex trafficking is and the lack of awareness we have in our country. I think it is not only good, but imperative that I channel my passion into action in regards to standing up for others.

I am pedaling for those who don’t have a voice. I am pedaling for those who are enslaved and can’t fight for themselves. I am pedaling because I am in a place where I can provide hope and healing. I am called to act, and because I can, I am.


April 14, 2023
Claire Kenyon

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