Why I Ride

The Misconceptions of Sex Trafficking

I thought being trafficked was some sort of dramatic and obvious event

Designer to rider

Our actions can spark change in our communities
April 8, 2021
Why I Ride

Let's do the dang thing

I felt like my voice was not strong enough
April 1, 2021
Why I Ride

Terrifyingly close far from me is human trafficking actually?
March 29, 2021
Why I Ride

Really fighting

Who knew the fight for justice could look like riding 1,700 miles?!
March 24, 2021
Why I Ride

Finding my voice

We rarely hear about sex trafficking because it is easier to turn away
March 18, 2021
Why I Ride

Becoming a more compassionate advocate

...will we ever step out as brave, bold advocates for change?
March 11, 2021
Why I Ride

Beyond compassion: trauma-informed interaction

Our bodies carry us through this world and help establish who we are

Get Involved

Everyone has a place in the fight against sex trafficking

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