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Bigger than us

Hey guys, Madi here. I’m coming from all the way down in little Fairhope, AL, and to be honest,
it’s been kind of hard over here. I know that this Pedal the Pacific thing has been a stretch for
every person on the team, but I have felt especially spread thin because I’m over here alone,
with no one to train with and no one to fundraise with... no one to voice my frustrations to and
no one to help nurse my wounds (there have been a lot of them :)).

But where I’ve had those seemingly insurmountable struggles I know I’ve grown that much
more, and when I’ve felt those feelings of doubt or loneliness creep in, I have seen so much
clearer the rays of hope and encouragement that God provides.

A few days ago I had a reporter named Gabi set up a Skype interview with me. We chatted over
the course of about 30 minutes where I got to tell her all about Pedal the Pacific, and in return
she got to tell me some things about herself. I learned that she was actually a freelance writer
who sold her stories to the paper that my article would be included in. I also learned that she
herself had a heart for human trafficking. As the discussion wound down, I told her I would email
her some photos to attach to the article, and made sure to tell her thank you for taking her time
to get my story out there.


Shortly after I emailed Gabi the pictures, I got a response from her that said “Hey! Just turned it
in - also I donated my article payment to the cause :)”

I was floored. This woman took time out of HER day to listen to ME ramble about this crazy bike
ride I’m doing. She was doing me a service simply by giving our mission publicity - but she went
one further. She DONATED HER COMMISSION — like her livelihood. The way she makes
money. Her paycheck !!!! She is so awesome.

I’ve only been around this Pedal the Pacific scene for a few months now, but I can already tell
this is a recurring theme. People can be so GOOD when you give them a reason to be. When
we all have a purpose - something bigger than ourselves that we’re pushing towards. It’s such a
beautiful thing. I saw it when Grace, Savannah, and Sara peddled; when strangers would take
them in and buy them meals. And I see it now; when one of my teammates gets lost on a trail
and a cyclist helps them find their way, or when a whole college class decides to donate to PTP,
or when someone like Gabi comes along.


It’s such a beautiful thing and more than I’m excited to conquer 1,700 miles of beautiful coast or
raise $250,000 for those worthy, worthy girls... I’m SO excited to have a summer jam filled to
the brim with bringing out the best in people. Seeing those rare, selfless moments when it clicks
- people just get it. We see what’s important and we come together to do it. We understand, we
grow, we change. That’s going to be the most special part of all, I think.

So here’s Madi, coming alllll the way from little Fairhope, AL. Still not 100% confident that this
thing isn’t gonna kill her but so, so looking forward to all of the beauty it will bring. And believing that every mile, every minute, every word is important - is doing something so much bigger than she can even fathom.


December 1, 2023
Madilyn Warner

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