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Day 1: LAUNCH!

Yesterday we launched and boy do we feel that. We are sore but spirits are high!

We started off the ride in Seattle and said bye to parents and friends then began our 1,700 mile trek down the coast. It was a shorter day with the ride being only 25 miles, but we biked our booties off and met another biker named AJ who was cycling to fight human trafficking as well.

We have loved having our goodies from our sponsors, thanks PURE Jerky, Clif, High Brew Coffee and Richards Rainwater. We got To our campsite in Twanoh State Park and set up our tent, it was a learning curve hah.

Our neighbor cooked kabobs and made gourmet food while we tinkered with our camp stove. We ended up eating our freeze dried food provided Vinilly Farms/the Gaults and we could not have been happier. Our campsite had showers and we got all nice and clean and then snuggled up to get lots of sleep for day 2.  

-Sarah Evans


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