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The Pedal the Pacific 2021 team is over halfway through our ride and every day I’m continually impressed by the resourcefulness of this team. If you can imagine, biking the coast isn’t easy. It’s actually pretty challenging and a lot of obstacles come into our lives every day.

It started with the rain. On our launch day, we rode in the rain all throughout the day, we slept in the rain that night. We woke up to soggy tents and soggy shoes. The next night we set up the same soggy tents, and put on the same soggy rain flys, only to realize that there was a hole in the rain fly - and guess what? It was still raining. The whole team came together to scrap together pieces of trash bags and duct tape to fix the hole. It was incredible, and resourceful.

Tonight, Laney and Kasturi went through a super hard day in the SAG. They had no service and were trying to find food donations for the team. They met a worker at a gas station that donated 20 dollars for our dinner. They put their minds together and got the whole team dinner for that money. We had these amazing breakfast burritos, made out of super limited ingredients and it was honestly so amazing. They were delicious and it was so cool seeing how resourceful our team could be.

Resourcefulness is something great I’ve noticed about our team since that second night in Elma RV park. Whether it’s fixing our bikes on the side of the road, fixing our tents in the rain, or fixing dinner for dirt cheap for an insanely hungry team of 12 - we are resourceful women. It’s so empowering to see us all using our resources as we take this journey together.

July 3, 2023
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