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The quirks of PTP 2021

When we were asked what we were most excited for, one of my teammates said, being in an environment with 12 passionate, strong women because there are not many times of your life like this. I have quickly learned that one of the most distinct things about this team is how different every teammate is. Although everyone shares a passion for the fight against child sex trafficking, every team member is extremely unique in terms of hometown, personality, background, interests, and even mannerisms.  The women on this team come from 11 different cities and multiple states from Texas all the way to North Carolina and Virginia.

Because of our quirks, it feels remarkable to me that I already feel like this group of 12 acts like a in cohesive unit. I attribute this to many things, but partially the onslaught of rain we have experienced during the first days of our journey down the coast and the many conversations we have shared on our bikes, at our campsites, and in the SAG.

Though this team is different, with different quirks and hometowns, the one thing that connects us is not necessarily a love of biking but the goal to change the way our communities see domestic child sex trafficking. It reminds me that one type of person isn’t the best type of advocate for justice, rather everyone has the ability to tell the story of trafficking and how every body deserves to be free.

I have gotten to see my teammates strengths in different ways - from the ways they interact and talk about trafficking with shop owners and people at campsites to how others make sure everyone is doing alright both physically and emotionally.

I keep telling myself that I learn something new from my teammates everyday, whether it’s how to cycle safer or how trafficking affects a vulnerable community.

Although I previously thought of cycling as an individual sport, cycling in groups of 3-4 each day has shown me how biking can be just as much of a team sport. Some of my teammates like Ellie and Kasturi have taught me the biking lingo, and how a couple of words and phrases, such as “car passing!” can keep the entire group safe. Each teammate is incredibly different, carrying their own quirks and contributions to the team and the work of advocacy. In just a couple of days, this group of 12 women has grown to be a team of cyclists and team of advocates.

Some of the other quirks you may not have known about the PTP 2021 team:

Hannah has held a human brain in her hands. Rebekah is adamant about naming inanimate objects, such as transportation. Laney has an obsession with ASMR, and it is the only thing to put her to sleep. Kasturi is Indian royalty (yes, read that again). Anna never unmakes her bed. Emma drinks milk for dessert, and with ice cubes. and Ellie knocked out her two front by shoving my fist in her mouth at golf camp in the first grade! (Stay tuned to find out more)


May 24, 2024
Chloe Aguilar

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