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We need eachother

While our first week of biking as a team has been incredible, it has undoubtedly come with some challenges. We’ve had long days, big hills, and more flat tires than we would’ve liked. As we overcome these challenges we’ve learned we could not do this alone. There are so many ways our team comes together to lift each other up and it is comforting knowing I can lean on my teammates when I need help. In the mornings we help each other out by filling up water bottles, pumping up tires, and cleaning up camp. When we are struggling on hills we need each other to reach the top, whether it’s a shout of encouragement or a buddy to stop and walk with. Our SAG mommies make sure we are well fed, safe, and have everything we need for the day. We need each other to get through the tough moments and celebrate our accomplishments. Each member of our team has unique strengths that make us whole. Some of us are loud, some are quiet, some are always there with words of encouragement, while others will always offer a hug. Although we are all different, each member of our team is invaluable.

The same thing is true for the fight against sex trafficking. As individuals alone it may feel like we can’t change much, but together we can make a huge difference.

The fight against trafficking needs everyone, with all different skills. We’ve met so many people who use their strengths to contribute to this fight, whether they’re a lawyer, an educator, or started a nonprofit. Everyone has been so different but they all are focused on the same cause. We’ve learned that no matter what path you take in life, there are ways to be an advocate in your field. Just as our team needs all types of people in all different ways, so does the fight against trafficking. Knowing that we are not alone gives us hope and encouragement for not only our ride but for the future.

July 12, 2024
Chloe Aguilar

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